Creative, thinker, dreamer, maker, food junkie, dancer and a little bit of nice. Little asian girl living in the big city of New York. On a mission to become the most creative woman on earth and take over the world (;
  • Grey bbq we up here ;) #method #nyc #advertising #afterwork #thelife #wine

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  • I was so afraid to stand here. Risked my life for a photo.

  • Good way to end this beautiful day. Today is Chuseok - Korean Harvest Festival. It started off great with my school providing us yummy Korean food. Then I crushed my Advertising critique and grabbed myself a nice bowl of meatball and sauce. The day ended with this bright moon shining down over my head. 

  • Easy going Mondays like this… #blackandwhite

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  • Not bad #newdesk

  • Love this place too much.

  • I Am Back

    Yesterday was my last first day of school. Ever. And today I am back in the office at Grey, New York. Nothing has changed much really over the past two weeks here in the office. I kind of feel like there is less going on as I am growing older with the agency. Next semester I am looking for a change for sure. Advertising is not a stable job. It’s constantly moving, growing and developing. And you’ve got to grow with it.


  • Finally got a selfie with #jeffkoons #koonsselfie #whitney

  • nobana asked : How do you join the dance club? I remember seeing stuff about it last year and was interested, but couldn't find out anything about it

    Hello! You can find out more about it on here! We constantly post meeting dates and locations on Facebook so that is the place to look! We welcome all levels of dancers and this year is my last year to teach… Hope to see many faces there (: Bring friends! Thank you for your interest!

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  • Summer ‘14 Internship Experience: Grey NY

    Alright, so this summer was full of experiences and… Experiences. I’ve met people who I’ll be working with for the rest of my life. The culture at this agency is something I would never give up for anything else. The most important lesson I learned here is: You’ll do good work alone, but you’ll do GREAT work with a partner. After the internship, I am in desperate search for my perfect match. My dream of becoming the world’s most creative, art director won’t be accomplished without my partner in crime. So if you are out there…Yes..You! A creative writer! Please come out come out wherever you are! We can conquer the world together with creativity and make it a better place. We can also help sell shit I guess.

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  • Fire Island Summer 2014

    This trip was an eye opener for sure. Growing up in mostly Asia, maybe I was just naturally drawn to more multi-cultural areas. To tell you the truth I felt very outnumbered and I swear I felt a little bit of racism during my stay. But that was the fun of it! Eating mostly white food, licking extra expensive gelato, biking through small trails and eating farmer’s market goodies by the ice cold ocean. It wasn’t a resort or a fancy hotel kinda vacation. It was an adventure only the brave little asian could take on.

  • PC: Christina Chung
    April Spring Festival 2014.

    This is a throw back post from our last dance performance at Pratt for the Spring Festival. As you know, I’ve grown so close with these amazing goofs. Two years ago, this group didn’t exist. I felt a loss of part of me when there wasn’t a grounded dance club. It’s then when I decided to build this club from level 0 (Starting with the amazing turn out of Oppa Gangnam Style!). With a lot of help from loving friends, supporters and amazing dancers, this is still possible today. We are now an unofficial, growing group at a place I now call home (one of many other). I still have so much to learn and to grow in dance - I am not calling myself the best dancer at our school or the choreographer that others just follow. I am one of the many fellow Pratt cats who love to share the love of dance. We are just a bunch of artists lost in the love of dance in this crazy city of New York! Join us because we love strangers!

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  • Melissa you good baker you ♥

  • Inspiring talk from the creative chief, CEO, president of Grey Global Group. Leading New York’s biggest advertising agency, he managed to get Grey to be the global agency of the year. #justkindacool #greyny #internship #advertising