Creative, thinker, dreamer, maker, food junkie, dancer and a little bit of nice. Little asian girl living in the big city of New York. On a mission to become the most creative woman on earth and take over the world (;
  • Bringing #makerbot to advertising #3dprinting #thefuture #grey #solveproblems

  • It’s not work anymore when you love doing it and people love having you! Feeling more than blessed to be not only be wanted but also staying at a place where once was your dream company. #thankful #work

  • Washington D.C October 10-13th // Columbus Day Weekend

    This trip was definitely a time travel back to about 10 years. I remember visiting all the monuments and museums with my family long time ago. This time, it was a totally different experience because I adventured out on my own. Some of the things I witnessed were veterans making their visits to memorials, high class men in suits and asian tourists. I think that pretty much sums up Washington D.C’s population. We lucked out in our first Airbnb experience - the location was in the heart of GWU campus so we got the both lively and local vibe of D.C. Dupont Circle was also another cute little area we explored with many cafes, bars and restaurants. I am definitely coming back for those pink cherry blossom festival!

  • No man is taller than the last one standing. #flatiron #window #light

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  • Grey bbq we up here ;) #method #nyc #advertising #afterwork #thelife #wine

  • I was so afraid to stand here. Risked my life for a photo.

  • Good way to end this beautiful day. Today is Chuseok - Korean Harvest Festival. It started off great with my school providing us yummy Korean food. Then I crushed my Advertising critique and grabbed myself a nice bowl of meatball and sauce. The day ended with this bright moon shining down over my head. 

  • Easy going Mondays like this… #blackandwhite

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  • Not bad #newdesk

  • Love this place too much.

  • I Am Back

    Yesterday was my last first day of school. Ever. And today I am back in the office at Grey, New York. Nothing has changed much really over the past two weeks here in the office. I kind of feel like there is less going on as I am growing older with the agency. Next semester I am looking for a change for sure. Advertising is not a stable job. It’s constantly moving, growing and developing. And you’ve got to grow with it.